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Welcome to ARE bags
Carrier bags are an essential part of any business wishing to promote their service or goods. Here at ARE bags we have an extensive range of paper carrier bags and plastic carrier bags in various size and colours.
Our paper carrier bags come in two types: Kraft flat tape handle and Twisted handle carrier bags.
The paper Kraft bags are available in white or brown and come in 3 different sizes. Our Twisted handle carriers come in 4 different sizes and are available in a variety of colours.;
We have found that our carrier bags are used in many different ways, including fashion, gift and food retail.
Our paper carrier bags are fully recyclable offering you a more environmentally friendly alternative.
We also have a large range of plastic carrier bags available in various colours, designs and sizes so we should be to offer you what you need.
All of our paper and plastic carrier bags can be over printed in quantities as little as 200.
We are now able to offer cotton carrier bags known as bags for life. These are available over printed in quantities as low as 50 bags.
When it comes to Custom printed carrier bags so many businesses seem to think that they need to order thousands at any one time to save money. Well that's not the case anymore here at ARE bags we now supply you with the printed carrier bags you need, when you need them saving you money.
Think about it.. you buy 5k-10k printed carrier bags costing you £££
How long will they last you?
We have found that this would last a some business anywhere from 6-12 months.
Just think of the 6-12 months as boxes of money sat on your shelf or in a stockroom doing nothing which is just wasted money.
We can supply you with just the amount you need when you need them, saving you money which could be use to purchase stock which will obviously make you money

Please contact our sales team on 01429 597 477 or email
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